Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE elected Charnwood Borough Councillor May 2011

Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE has been elected as a Councillor for Charnwood Borough Council following the local elections on 5th May 2011. The world record swimmer had ben working hard to win support from her local area and it has paid off. Together with Chris Carter, they won a landslide victory. They were one of three in Charnwood who actually gained seats for their Party.

Of the victory, Julie, now ‘Councillor Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE’ told her local paper, The Echo, that the feeling she had on winning was like the feeling she had when she stepped foot on the French shore after her amazing butterfly world record swim of the English Channel in 2002.

“I am just so pleased to know all our hard work has paid off. I am delighted to have been working with Chris Carter to achieve this victory and want to be a voice in touch times for the people on our ward. Chris, a politics student at Loughborough University (where I studied and currently a part-time lecturer) is the second youngest elected councillor in the UK. I just want to thank all the people in my area who have voted for us.”

Julie and Chris will be working hard for the next four years alongside their local County Councillor, Max Hunt where they will be pushing matters forward for residents and dealing with any local issues as and when they arise.

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Julie Bradshaw

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