World-class teaching & coaching, expanding your swimming potential across the globe. Fun and safe swimming services (pool and open water) designed for you, from beginners to those experienced swimmers wanting to be more challenged.

There is something for everyone including swimming camps, outdoor swims such as Windermere, individual and group ‘live’ (in person) and online coaching swimming sessions. Come and start your swimming journey today.

Open Water Swim Training

Swimming training programmes and camps to expand your potential in open water swimming whether you are a beginner or experienced. Individual and group swimming coaching available. Come join in and have fun.

Channel Swim Training/Coaching

Bespoke training for your English Channel Swim journey. From individual programmes to group coaching and six hour qualifying Channel swims, there is everything you need for your success.

Lake Windermere swim

Come and challenge yourself to swim England’s largest lake, Windermere (10.5miles). Full safety support from fully qualified and experienced crew who will guide you safely on your swim. Swims of Ullswater and Coniston are also available for you

Endless Pool Swim Training

Receive swim training in a climate-controlled Endless Pool. Modern technology allows you have your swim analysed to ensure correct swimming technique whether its for pool, open water or triathlon events.

Swim School Lessons in Loughborough

High quality swim teaching and coaching from the Team at Get Set 4 Success – specialising in one to one, small group swimming lessons in Loughborough for children and adults.

Blackpool Pier Swim

The iconic annual official Blackpool Pier Swim is 1.5 miles between North and South Pier. It is open to both wetsuit and non- wetsuited swimmers. Those participating are looked after by the highly experienced Blackpool Beach Patrol Team. Come and join the fun.

Swim Courses, Clinics & Wellbeing

YOU are catered for whether you are a pool, an open water swimmer or a triathlete with various swim courses and specialised swim clinics. For those wishing to swim for 'Well Being' there are therapeutic swim courses available, too. Come and join in.

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