Dr. Julie Bradshaw Re -Elected as Councillor in Loughborough

Whilst the national results heavily influenced election results in local areas, Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE, emerged victorious yet again much to her relief as a Councillor for Charnwood Borough Council

Together with former councillor Mary Draycott MBE, they had worked extremely hard for the residents on Loughborough Ashby Ward and achieving much over their term off office. Amongst these was the building of a permanent ramp to enable those with mobility problems to overcome the steps to the shops on Sharpley Road.

In addition, both Mary and Julie had fought hard to get a skatepark for the young people as provision for leisure facilities in this area is very poor and many young people have nothing to do which can result in behaviour problems in the area. Julie can now continue to pursue this since funding had been secured for building which would be phased. Watch this space!

After hearing that she had obtained the most votes, Julie said that she was delighted to be serving the residents again on Loughborough for the full term ie four years. “I am looking forward to this opportunity again and thank all those who voted for both of us. I promise to listen and represent you all in the best way possible.”

Julie Bradshaw

Published by: Julie Bradshaw