Pat Gallant-Charette’s Windermere Swim August 2018

Pat Gallant-Charette from the USA, came over to the UK in August to complete two of the Still Water Eight Challenge. Prior to swimming Windermere and only three days before, she had amazingly swam Loch Ness – amazing as Pat is 67 years old!


She had hired Julie Bradshaw to be her pilot on the Windermere swim, given the many years’ experience Julie has of the lake both accompanying swimmers successfully and safely and also her own swim exploits on the lake. The weather on the day was variable from a flat calm to winds whipping up and gusts. Luckily the wind was behind Pat and helped her along except the last mile towards Ambleside when she faced a strong head wind.


After 7 hours and 38 minutes of fantastic swimming, Pat Gallant-Charette touched the jetty at Waterhead, Ambleside and was applauded by those around including her crew who had accompanied her. What a fantastic swim.


Check out this short movie preview of this fabulous swim by Pat.



Everyone at Get Set 4 Swimming wishes you all the luck in the world to completing the other four lakes for this challenge. Pat continues to go from strength to strength and is an inspiration to all especially those in her age category and below and above.

Julie Bradshaw

Published by: Julie Bradshaw