Sport and Swimming Results

Sport and Swimming Results

Thanks Julie. It’s really exciting getting the official letter…your method of positive thought really works. I used it a lot before the swim and during. Visualizing the goal is an excellent incentive, many thanks!!…I turned (negative thoughts) around in my head and thought, ‘this is not what I want to happen so get a move on!!” (focus on what you want)…I mean every word and as you said it does work and I hope it will help others (by sharing what I said). It certainly helped me…what you said…the image stayed with me throughout the following months of training and whenever I felt tired I visualized myself standing on the French Coast!! The mind is amazing stuff as you will know…many thanks.

Vicki Thompson, English Channel Solo 13th July 2008, 15 hours 10 minutes

I approached Julie as soon as soon as I started planning for my Solo Channel swim . Julie gave me step by step goals that would enable me to develop my swimming experience leading to my ultimate goal of swimming to France . The logic that she expressed was simple and effective and enabled me to remain focused and motivated throughout the two years of planning . During my training and pre channel swims and during the channel swim itself I was able to remember the guidance she had given me and this motivated me to achieve my dream. Before I swam the channel I was told its more about the mental strength than the physical strength , this is so true . On reflection the journey I have taken to fulfill my dream has also enabled me to have a more positive outlook on my life

Thank you Julie you are an inspiration

Nuala Muir-Cochrane: English Channel Solo 26th July 2008, 12 hours 55 minutes

Staff in our company are undertaking a series of relay swims of the English Channel for the Irish Cancer Society. Julie came over to our offices in Dublin to share her swimming experiences and motivate the team. Julie gave the team a unique insight into the world or Channel Swimming. Without doubt Julie's presentation has played a large part in our preparation for this challenge.

(Gerry Keenan, CEO, Irish Life Investment Managers 2009) 3 Successful Channel Relay Teams (CSA) September 2009

I approached Julie for advice as soon as I registered for my solo Channel swim. Julie gave me a focused training program that helped build my distance and speed, while being available to answer any queries I had in relation to the swim. Her experience in long distance open water swimming was invaluable, and much of her advice stuck with me as I built up my open water training leading up to the big day. Swimming the Channel has been a life-changing experience as it has built confidence, mental strength, and put me in contact with inspiring people like Julie along the way. Thank you Julie, you helped turn my dream into reality.

Andrew Koval (AUS/UK), English Channel Solo 25th Sept 2009 15 hours 36 minutes

Julie I just wanted to thank you...My English Channel Experience was awesome. In the write up you did for the Channel Swimming handbook you spoke particularly about the importance of proper mental focus during the swim. I can...therefore I will. This type of positive attitude helped me greatly during the swim...especially when I was at my low points. I just kept telling myself I can do this.

Doug Wright (USA), English Channel Solo 8th August 2010 11 hours 37 mins

Hello Julie, thank you for yesterday, it was really helpful to talk to someone with experience of solos. Everyone is an expert on technique, but not many really know what they are talking about with a solo, which is completely different.

Sue Croft, English Channel Relay and Solo aspirant for 2012, May 2011

Julie has so much experience to pass on with swimming the channel, and acted as a guiding light through the truly testing regime of preparing for swimming the Channel. She is quick to reply with first hand experiences and her positivity helped to simplify the whole process for me. Having a boat on Windermere only added to the attraction of using Julie as my mentor as it gives opportunity to practise with a boat in open water – essential to taking the variables out of the big day. Thanks Julie. (BESPOKE LEISURE SWIM COACHING PACKAGE)

Danny Bryson, English Channel Solo 22nd August 2011, 15 hours 30 mins

In March 2011, I took the plunge and called Julie Bradshaw to ask if I could meet her to discuss the possibility of swimming one-way Windermere. It seemed like a far off dream but within my two-hour session she gave me the confidence to believe that I might enter the world of marathon cold water swimming

Julie, her dog Molly, and I ran through strategies for feeding, training, logistics of having a pilot and the realities of swimming in cold water. It was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Five months later Julie accompanied me in her boat while I completed one-way Windermere in 6.43 hours (including waiting for not one, but two ferries and having some time to lie on my back to enjoy the scenery as we passed the happy islands in the middle of Windermere). Let’s face it, what’s the point of being in one of the most beautiful spots in the UK if only your support team get to see it!

The profound moment for me was half way through my training when I was unsure if I could manage the training, Julie asked me where I saw myself in the race. I replied that I always envisaged myself at the end of Lake Windermere, to which she replied, ‘Anything is possible’. It might be a cliché but when she says it, somehow those words just come alive. The week proceeding was my best training week ever.

I thank Julie with my heart.

Jacquelyn Schirmer, Lake Windermere 19th August 2011, 6 hours 43 mins

Julie introduced me to Open Water Swimming when I was studying PE, Sports Science and Recreation Management at Loughborough University.

Since then, I haven't looked back and Julie certainly has supported and encouraged me throughout. Julie never stopped believing in me and this year, after many lake and sea swims, I managed to swim the English Channel and have had a large smile on my face ever since.

hanks to Julie's continued support, great tips over the years and never giving up on me. I do owe a great deal to her!

Lucy Roper, English Channel Solo 23rd September 2011, 14 hours 30 mins

I want to thank you for the videos that you posted on the internet related to your success in marathon swimming using the butterfly stroke. Inspired by Your achievements, on 11th August 2012, I swam a ‘marathon’ in Croatia, Zlarin. The ‘Marathon’ is only short here – one mile, but in the four years that I have been swimming, no one has ever swam that race on butterfly.

I am 42 years old, and I have never actively engaged in swimming. I began to learn the butterfly in the summer of 2010 after watching related videos of yours. I was so proud because I managed to initially swim 15 metres without stopping, and later increased it to 200 metres. Now I have swam my ‘marathon’ and can say it is down to the inspiration I have been given by watching your amazing swims and reading all about it. Thank you.

Drazen Trnski (Croatian Lake Butterfly) August 2012

Had a good swim. At 5 hours still thought a 10 hour swim possible with
absence of current - but then....haha this is the channel hey! I agree with the cold water stuff you suggested I do - I had 5 proper cold swims the two weeks before, all in excess of 3 hours, one 7 hours. In one of them I landed on top of a whale!

Thank you very much for the contribution you made towards my successful
swim - all the advice you gave me was worth a lot! (BESPOKE LEISURE SWIM COACHING PACKAGE)

Herman van der Westhuizen (South Africa) English Channel Solo August 2012, 11 hours 25 mins

Julie inspired and motivated both pupils and staff when she came to speak to our Sports Scholars at Wellington College. (and coach a Channel Swimming Group). Her lecture (and coaching) helped them understand the commitment and hard work needed to reach the top in her demanding sport.

Many thanks on a thought-provoking talk on how to achieve your sporting
goals and dreams.

Steve Shortland, Director of Sport, Wellington College, Berkshire April 2013

Swimming the Channel is an incredibly exciting yet challenging and somewhat daunting task. However I decided to take Julie’s swim coaching. With her experience and always hands on help and guidance whenever you need you always know you have the support through each step of your journey no matter where you are which is massively reassuring in such a vast venture. Thank you Julie

Jasmine Buxton (UK), English Channel Solo Aspirant 2013

I always believe you work professionally and to a high standard and what I have received in my training (coaching package) has been great. and onsidering I couldn’t swim properly before (happy feet!)...All in all Julie, you are a great coach in what you do when you teach/coach others like myself to swim for success. Thanks

Rob (UK) Eddystone Lighthouse swim July 2013)

Hey there Julie- thanks for …

Overall – I really had a fantastic experience, and YES of course I’ll do this again! I just never knew I had a jellies reaction issue at all. Then again, I’m a lake girl. I was hit in Tampa swim once and was thrilled because I always wondered and while that caused me some distress I was able to figure it out, swim through it and within an hour’ish I was fine. I didn’t feel as if someone was strangling me. I always carry benedryl with me since I’m known for some food allergies, and that hits in like 5-10 min and life is good. I did same here and another at night and later that night and after that my chest and breathing was fine. It just felt like someone drugged me all of a sudden – like an outer body experience. Up until that I was on cloud 9.

If you didn’t tell me to taper, my idea of tapering would’ve been a few days rest at most. I couldn’t believe the energy that came out of my body after hanging out for a week not doing much more than an hour and nothing the day before. To be honest, I was getting worried thinking my body wouldn’t kick in because I was sleeping so much I felt sluggish all week. I don’t know the last time I even took a nap, but found myself just so relaxed (holiday week at home totally helped) I even napped without sleep aids. I couldn’t believe it was 6 hrs already and just felt like the energizer bunny. My sensitive shoulder – nothing, absolutely nothing. I think a lot of my shoulder issues are coming from my tension in back and neck from sitting at PC all day – probably good 14 hrs. I didn’t do that and suddenly each day my back just felt like it expanded. Very cool.

To me it was a fab experience, even the starting in 52 degrees...Sure enough I slip in – never jump even if it is 100 degreesJ … But my mental training and cold water training (you suggested) really paid off for me in this area. I started out back when it was 47 just standing there for like 30 min at a time. it was awful but when you do that 50 isn’t so bad. I then knew I got stuck in that 51-52 for 1.5 hrs in my own lake and knew I was OK, so thrilled my training paid off. I took my time when I slipped in and let my lungs adjust and embrace the cold, and then by the time I got to shore I was OK and it allowed me to stand, get back in and off I went.

I think it was a blessing it was colder start than expected because I normally start off slower and build. This time I thought – no, going out faster until I feel the temps change as I wanted to make sure I kept my body warm. That ended up good – it set a pace for me. I was more like 66-68 strokes, which is high for me, then settled at my 60-62 and held that until the end. Bob had 58 few times in the chop – again normal for me….Most of all my feedings – proud to report they were seriously like 20 sec and under, not my how ya doing up there for 1.5 minutesJ

I can’t think of a thing I’d change in training either (that we have worked out together)... the longer swims you had me doing monthly I think gave me the ability to just power on, and mostly mentally it just blew by so fast. The additional ocean training I did had me really comfortable in anything thrown at me and just no shoulder issues at all – huge perk for me. I baby them in the slightest water ripple and this time I didn’t. I wanted to make sure I never felt cold so that fear/concern had me taking an approach I may not have otherwise and I think I learned that I’m creating my own shoulder issues.

By staying strong and focused I found my stroke was very controlled, and if a felt a wacky wave I’d hold not slide…it was the sliding and going with the water that was doing the damage I think. So a lot of discovery for me on this swim.

To be honest – never knew the English Channel had jellies. No kidding. didn’t give it a thought at all. I passed this stunning one early on and was just so dazzled by the size and brilliance of it, and was pleased he was under me so we had our own space. Saw another one bit smaller and thought the same. Then I w(thought)are we in - an aquarium? It was mind boggling. Pete said he never saw anything like it to bob. Bob said suddenly everywhere they looked were just surrounded by jellies – blankets of them. So bad luck I guess. I didn’t even mind the stupid stings so much either. Sure, you can feel them but you really don’t feel all that much in cold water- or least I don’t. I knew I was hit but didn’t think much of it. I just got through the mess of them, but also enjoyed checking them out too. They are kinda spooky yet incredibly pretty. Cool blue ones that were really neat, then red/pinkish, and the uglier ones – or boring ones kind of mixed in along with hard stuff which baffled me. Later found out that was just debris – better then the crap on the Hudson and Harlem though!

Then wham – suddenly felt drugged, and strangled and thought I may have an issue, but decided to swim through it. My left arm, which got the most stings at 7 marks, did its own thing. I figured it would work it out, but Bob said no- I was not rolling to breath properly and when I stopped I had trouble breathing a bit and was just disoriented. I could see and hear, and felt happy and all, but like I was taking that happy drug you get at the dentist (or I get because it is an option and like happy hour!). I was trying to get benedryl. So I was pulled and got up OK, and other than breathing was fine. I always shake when I get out so had to deal with that, which I hate, but mostly just tried to stay calm and chill out and relax to focus on my breathing until whatever was in me passed. I had ear plugs in though so I guess that scared Fred (Mardle – CSA pilot)and Bob because I wasn’t responsive – so for that I’m sorry. Some bennie and was good.

So future – what to do with Jellies? It is now quite clear to me that EC has jelliesJ and also clear to me that my body isn’t big on them. I don’t know if less would make a difference, warmer water so body able to fight help – really not a clue. One in Tampa, not an issue. Here I have probably 15-16 stings – mostly left arm, few on right, then upper torso, and few on upper legs…Just hoping I don’t hear my body is the only one that doesn’t like them. I thought only those box jellies you see where Diana Nyad swim were bad, but guess not. ahhhhhhh, heading back to NJ – to my lake, the home of no jelliesJ

… I had nothing but a great positive experience. Loved Fred, can’t wait to come back and really am looking forward to giving this a try again – it is my first ever DNF in my life in anything, and I always dreaded this day because I honestly didn’t know if I could handle it mentally. But I’m thrilled – I just felt all my training changes more than paid off and I felt better than I have ever in my entire life for a solid 6 plus hours – or rather until I didn’t. On Sunday I woke feeling awesome too- sure, but hung over from benedryl, but I was up and hiked my butt up to Dover Castle and walked around for 6 hours – felt fine, mentally and physically.

Sure finishing was the plan, but leaving feeling just so much, possibility means more to me than anything. I felt reborn as a swimmer out there, and felt I’d handle anything thrown at me. The increase in confidence I’m leaving as a swimmer – how could I be upset – just can’t. I really can’t – loved the experience, and look forward to returning. It truly is one fascinating body of water to swim in. How you can tell to me is when feedings go by so fast that you are like huh, really? It was so engaging – how could I not want to see what the other half is like?

(Bespoke Leisure Swim Coaching Package)


Delighted to have coached Bridgette and here she is, a well-deserved honour

Bridgette Hobart Janeczko (USA), English Channel 18th September 2014, 13 hours 28 minutes

Just a few of them...

Lyndsay Francis (UK): I’ve very much enjoyed the boot camp. Plenty of swimming with the combination of social and meeting other Channel swimmers and exchanging stories

Andre Wierzig (GERMANY): ...Julie picked a beautiful location for us and in the four days I made a further step towards achieving my goal to swim the English Channel solo

Kat Baker (UK): Very good camp and met lots of nice like-minded people. Was training but fun and enjoyable at same time

Tony Rutter (UK): Well organised weekend with a good balance of water and land activities. Will definitely come again

Helen Brindle (UK): A relaxed and challenging weekend – has really inspired me to achieve my best whatever that may be

Alex Christie (UK): Thanks to Julie ...for sharing their experiences and knowledge. It has given me more confidence in my attempt (Channel/Two Way Windermere) and what I need to focus on. It has been an enjoyable weekend

Sarah Bowden (UK): Fantastic! Amazing location, great teaching and Channel swim support. A very positive and motivational experience.

Tracy Clark (HOLLAND/NEW ZEALAND): Thanks so much... for a most successful and enjoyable camp. The swims were great and felt safe. Loads of fun with like-minded people. You both were so honest and open and happy to share your experiences

Andy Monks (UK): I would like to thank you both for a brilliant weekend. Meeting you and others is soemthing I will remember for a long time. Keep up the good work and thank you both and to all your party for all your help. I enjoyed every minute and good luck for the future

Jen Hutchinson (UK): It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, have fun, learn from experienced swimmers who have crossed the Channel. I have laughed alot at this boot camp

Carole Hutchinson (UK): I haven’t had so much fun for a long time. It is an excellent way to meet new people and to talk about swimming, get better ideas on how the Channel swim works, get tips on improving your technique, get lots of swimming done in a really beautiful location

Scotland swim Camp July 2013, Inchmurrin, Loch Lomond

Hey Julie, I wanted to take a second for thanking you for all the help you have given me. Your clarity about my ability and bringing up the question about taking more time to train has been the best advice anyone has given me. I am going to explore other training avenues. I am sure we will run into each other as the channel seasons go on. Thanks for all the help...I will definitely send anyone who is looking for an amazing swim coach your way.

Chris Lugo (USA) English Channel Aspirant 2014

Completed my longest swim ever yesterday (the 10.5 miles of Lake Windermere) under the excellent guidance of Julie in my build up to my solo Channel attempt this time next year. Julie welcomed me and my support team on to her boat and immediately put me at ease (as i was feeling a little nervy prior to the swim). She talked to us about what to expect from the day and really made us feel comfortable and up for the challenge that lie ahead. Not only was this day hugely invaluable to me as the swimmer, but it was also vital for my support team to really lean on Julies vast experience for areas such as feeding and any other Channel/swim related questions we had (which were plenty)!

Once the swim was completed, and we were moored back up Julie took me through some video that she took of my stroke and made some observations that I will go away and work on which will certainly help me in the build up to my Channel attempt next year. After that we headed to the pub for a well deserved ‘team’ pint!

I would recommend this day with Julie for all aspiring Channel swimmers or just to hone your open water swimming skills.

Thanks Julie and really look forward to working with you in the year ahead

Nick Young (UK) Channel Aspirant 2014 and Windermere 4th Sept 2013 6 hours 6 minutes

As part of my Solo Channel Swim Preparation I decided to complete a One Way Windermere to test myself and my support crew. I chose Julie because of her experience and expertise in long distance swimming and she did not let us down.

I completed Windermere in 5 hours 55 minutes and as a team we certainly ironed out a lot of issues with feed delivery, timings and which foods not to use! From the short video clip of my swim I picked up some issues with my stroke that also need to be corrected. Thanks again Julie from the Swimmer and the Boat Crew!!

Nick White, Solo Channel Aspirant 2015 and Windermere July 23rd July, 2014 5 hours 55 minutes

I had the privilege and pleasure of being mentored by Dr Julie Bradshaw during the build up to my Channel swim attempt. From being a comparative non-swimmer, Julie adjusted my stroke, advised on swimming routines and provided invaluable expertise on the intricacies of Channel swimming. Without access to Julie’s expertise, I have little doubt that my own swim would not have been as successful as it was. I would highly recommend her services." (Bespoke Leisure Swim Coaching Packge)

Alan Gale, Channel Swim August 2014 (11hrs 9 minutes)

Just a few quotes from the swimmers who attended this year's camp:

(Cath UK): Day Tripper: Thank you for a very enjoyable day. I thoroughly enjoyed the swimming, learning based on my level, and the facilitators (was with Julie & Liz) who were very encouraging. It was good to get useful feedback on technique & opportunity to build confidence. Everyone was friendly, professional, encouraging & mindful of our safety – felt well taken care of. Very impressed with your (Julie) achievements too!

(Matt UK): Great bunch of people thus an enjoyable weekend. The best part was the yoga and swimming around the island. You can swim stress free knowing that your safety will not be compromised. 10/10 for food and location

(Nigel UK): Excellent location; safe and organised; swim professionally assisted and I would definitely recommend this camp

(Mary UK): I really appreciated the effort that was made to make me feel part of the group and swim activities, despite me having relatively little experience and ability in open water swimming. I enjoyed the yoga sessions which complemented the swimming well. Yes, I would recommend this programme to others

(Lyn UK) 10/10 for food and location; this camp provided the opportunity for long cold water swimming with like minded people but also for all abilities

(Nick UK): Really enjoyed the 6 hour swim with very challenging conditions which is great preparation for the Channel. I also enjoyed the yoga. The practical and theoretical elements are so valuable to aspiring Chanel swimmers/Open water swimmers of ALL standards. In summary, a productive and fun swim camp set in a beautiful environment, run by two fun and highly experienced open water swimmers. Set up for all levels of ability which builds confidence for whatever swimming goals one may have.

(Dave NEW ZEALAND): Day Tripper: only did the two hour swim today but it was very enjoyable. The people who attended were all fantastic and I would recommend this camp to others. 10/10 for food, accommodation and location

Scotland Open Water Swim Camp, Loch Lomond July 2014

I would like to thank Julie for all of her help and support with the completion of my Windermere swim. From initial swim technique, through to training programmes, trial swims and on the day support Julie was there every step of the way. Simply, I couldn't have some it without her!

Paul Hanlon, Windermere Solo 25th July 2014 8 hours and 45 minutes

My swimming history consisted of being dragged to the pool by my 3 children on a Saturday morning and the occasional holiday dip. I had decided that I wanted to raise £50k for my disabled niece who broke her neck falling from a climbing frame aged 9. We were going to build her a hydrotherapy facility at home. I knew that my challenge needed to be big and something that put me totally out of my comfort zone, a solo English Channel attempt was going to tick all the boxes.

I got in touch with Julie and Get Set 4 Success Ltd after stumbling across her details online. After reading her website and seeing her experiences of Channel swimming I knew that Julie was the person to help me in achieving my goal.

I went for one of her bespoke swim coaching packages which we both agreed was going to suit me best.

She put me in touch with a Pilot to take me across (this alone was a great decision as the pilot, Eric Hartley was outstanding) and we met up for our first session in Loughborough a few weeks later. My ‘dodgy’ swim stroke was recorded and dissected by Julie, and a training plan was laid down.

I am based in Lancashire and Julie in Loughborough. At first I thought the distance might be a problem, I soon learnt it wasn’t going to be. Swimming is an individual sport so I stuck to my training plan and had Julie there quite literally day and night to answer any questions that I had…and I had a lot! It’s very much down to the swimmer to use Julie as much or as little as he/she wants.

My first big swim with Julie was Windermere in September 2013. This went well and gave me all the confidence I needed to focus on the English Channel the following year.

In July 2014 I went on Julies swim camp on Inchmurrin Island, Loch Lomond. A great few days spent with both accomplished and aspiring Channel swimmers. It was great to be able to swap notes and get some long swims completed in the unpredictable waters of Loch Lomond.

As the big day approached (September 2014) and the nerves built, Julie was on hand to answer the many questions I had. The last couple of months building up to a Channel swim are so important so it was great to have Julie there to put my mind at ease, telling me how much (or how little) training I needed to be doing in the weeks and days prior to the swim.

On September 5th 2014 I swam the English Channel in 13hrs and 51mins. I had set out to raise £50k, we are now over £100k which I believe is testament to the serious challenge that a solo Channel swim presents.

Donations still at

I couldn’t recommend Julie and Get Set 4 Success Ltd highly enough. Thanks Julie, we did it!

Nick Young, English Channel 5th September 2014, 13 hours 51 minutes

I took part in a triathlon down at Eton Dorney lake yesterday (17th May 2015) and was sixth out of the water in the swim! Your coaching is obviously paying off! It was in a wetsuit too, which I don't like racing in - I'm sure I could've been faster without it. Thank for all your help and advice, without the underwater video analysis I'd never be able to correct my flaws.

Glenn Tinsley English Channel aspirant 2016

Hi Julie,

It’s RW from your March swim clinic, I just thought you would like to know since your expert tuition I have gone from only managing a couple of lengths of crawl before resorting to breaststroke to…… happily doing 25 lengths of crawl at a time without stopping!!! It’s still slower than my breaststroke but I’m regular in the fast lane and keeping up with regular swimmers. After your session I built up my arm strength using a pull buoy, sussed my head position as you suggested and then you told me to imagine I was swimming slightly downward over a barrel - that worked a treat. So thank you it was well worth the money and the mild embarrassment at being the least proficient!!! It was also really nice to meet you. Thanks again

R.W. Swim Clinic Loughborough Olympic Pool, March 2015

Just some of the feedback from swimmers at the June 2015 Windermere Open Water Swim Camp…

"I loved the swim camp. Spending a weekend with lovely people passionate about swimming, sharing stories, having fun, and most importantly getting technical advice on improving your technique and method was invaluable. Julie and her team kept the weekend very relaxed and light hearted, you can ask many questions! My highlight of the weekend was swimming around the island of Windermere. The water was so clear and relaxing. I came away relaxed with new areas to focus on in my swim technique and yoga practices to reduce the risk of injury in training. Even the Guinness was good. Highly recommended. "

Heather Clatworthy (UK) BSc, Mum of two, swimmer through and through

“Cannot recommend highly enough Julie Bradshaw’s Windermere swim camp, stunning location Bowness On Windermere, at the luxurious Old England Hotel.

Liked the fact that we went for swim on the first afternoon to allow us to settle into our surroundings. Then straight into hotel pool for stroke analysis above and below water so informative. The group video analysis session and swim yoga helps to educate you to be better swimmer.

Two more Lake swims over weekend to put improvements into action, including the group Island swim on Sun morning with Kayak support, was so much fun.

Was an awesome swim camp to learn in a warm encouraging supportive environment.”

Stephen Smith (UK) Windermere solo aspirant

“I joined the swim camp as a gift from my wife as she knew l loved swimming in the sea and wanted me to be a stronger swimmer. Previously I was only really comfortable swimming breaststroke but realised I needed to crawl. My first lake swim with Julie was dreadful – I couldn’t keep it going at all but by the end of the camp (after the pool and yoga sessions) I was able to swim front crawl continuously for well over an hour around the island with much improved technique and breathing. I was absolutely delighted with my progress and have since continued to work on my stroke in the sea! I recommend this to anyone with an interest in open water swimming.

Great opportunity to learn from real professionals”

Andy Alexander (Scotland) Open Water Swimmer

“Pick up tips that you wouldn’t expect…Yoga was fun…Jim was excellent help…thanks to everyone involved”

Dave Allison (UK), English Channel Aspirant

“Great coaching and feedback; a variety of different practical and theoretical sessions that have given me so much confidence for the future. Lovely hotel; lovely people; totally appropriate training…”

Glenn Tinsley (UK), English Channel Aspirant

"My daughter ,Isabella, attended Julie’s Open Water swim camp on Lake Windermere as a stepping stone to achieving her ambition of completing a solo swim of the Lake. Izzy being only 13 was the youngest student but was lovingly looked after by Julie, her instructors and fellow students. In the space of just a few days Izzy progressed from never swimming in open water to being more than comfortable and completing a 3 hour qualifying swim in the Lake. Isabella loved the course and thanks to Julie’s input and encouragement has come back with a great big grin on her face and full of a new found confidence. Thanks Julie and her team."

Marc Weatherall (UK) Windermere Aspirant

Windermere Open Water Swim Camp 19th to 21st June, 2015

Windermere was a wonderful way to get my English Channel qualifying swim done. Julie had everything organised and with her own boat and personal experiences on the lake it made for a special day. Thank you so is my video for you to share...

Mark Sowerby (Australia) Channel Aspirant and Windermere Solo 1st July 2015 6 hours and 4 minutes

Would like to Very Highly Recommend Julie Bradshaw MBE to anyone who wants to improve their swimming both in a pool and outdoor swimming or train to swim Lake Windermere or the English Channel

I trained with Julie at Loughborough and Windermere swim camp in preparation to swim Lake Windermere on 27th July with Julie supporting me, which I successfully completed in 7hr 45mins, an absolute dream for me to complete and time never thought possible for me.

Julie has over 35years swimming experience so leads by example.

Stephen Smith (UK) Windermere Solo 27th July 2015 (7 hours 45 minutes)

Swimming the English Channel for the first time had so many unknowns. Julie has so much experience - it's the little gems of wisdom around the mental challenge that made all the difference (Bespoke Gold Coaching Package). Thank you "

(Over $900,000 raised for Starlight.)

Mark Sowerby, (Australia) English Channel Solo August 2015 14 hours and 24 minutes

Here are just a few words what some swimmers said:

“Really enjoyed it all…great yoga…thought it was really productive and on good individual focus…a really personal and bespoke feel to a productive weekend. Thanks to the whole Team.” (Simon Maxwell)

“My favourite part was being in the lake – familiarisation…a great clinic, good fun, top notch tutors – enough said!” (Neil Cobley)

“In practicing Open water I learned new tactics…it was a really good swim clinic.” (Chloe Blaydon)

“Morning swim lovely conditions. Good for gaining experience…swim clinic in a great location…yoga a nice addition.” (Stuart Morton)

Bosworth Open Water Swim Training Camp May 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for organising the course. I thought it was really well run and meeting you and the course members proved really interesting…lots of expertise…well-designed and thought through” (Barry Phillips)

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend swim camp in Windermere – met some great people and really enjoyed the gym and yoga workouts” (Janina Dowding)

“…gym and yoga – don’t really do any of that so good to learn new disciplines…meeting Julie and learning from her experiences to hopefully improve…” (Matthew Hills)

“9/10…favourite part was the swim round the island and the videos looking at different techniques and improving stroke…” (Helen Whittington)

“Having never swum in open water before I was a bit nervous about what to expect. From the moment I arrived at this camp it was well-organised and a joy to take part in. I would recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in open water swimming…thank you Julie, Jim, Libby and Andy. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend 10+/10!” (Oliver Stubbs)

“9/10…beautiful surroundings and comprehensive coaching. Cannot recommend highly enough” (Glenn Tinsley)

“The weekend was brilliant 10/10” (Sam Rinsler)

”I enjoyed the whole weekend but I think the best part for me was the gym session – learning new techniques and the pool session – being able to see my stroke…great fun, fantastic technique learning, confidence booster.” (Charles Anderson)

“I just wanted to say thank you for organising the course. I thought it was really well run and meeting you and the course members proved really interesting…lots of expertise…well-designed and thought through” (Barry Phillips)

“Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend swim camp in Windermere – met some great people and really enjoyed the gym and yoga workouts” (Janina Dowding)

"A brilliant weekend on so many levels. I learnt so much, really challenged myself and got direction. My name is alreday down for next year!" (Helen Carby)

“…gym and yoga – don’t really do any of that so good to learn new disciplines…meeting Julie and learning from her experiences to hopefully improve…” (Matthew Hills)

“9/10…favourite part was the swim round the island and the videos looking at different techniques and improving stroke…” (Helen Whittington)

“Having never swum in open water before I was a bit nervous about what to expect. From the moment I arrived at this camp it was well-organised and a joy to take part in. I would recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in open water swimming…thank you Julie, Jim, Libby and Andy. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend 10+/10!” (Oliver Stubbs)

“9/10…beautiful surroundings and comprehensive coaching. Cannot recommend highly enough” (Glenn Tinsley)

“The weekend was brilliant 10/10” (Sam Rinsler)

“”I enjoyed the whole weekend but I think the best part for me was the gym session – learning new techniques and the pool session – being able to see my stroke…great fun, fantastic technique learning, confidence booster.” (Charles Anderson)

Windermere June 2016 Open Water Swim Training camp

A huge thank you to Julie for helping me achieve my goal of swimming Lake Windermere. There is no easy way of completing a 10.5 mile swim, but there is certainly no better way of doing so than under the exprt gaze of one of the true greats of open water swimming. Julie offered wise counsel, encouragment and good humour throughout and helped contribute to a great experience and some truly unforgettable memories. Butterfly next time?!...Thank you, Julie." (Adrian Boehler)


"I had a fantastic swim in Lake Windermere. Julie provided amazing support and advice. The boat was comfortable for my support crew and provided good support to me and was good practice for the logistics of my future Channel swim. It was a beautiful swim and excellent training and practice for my Channel swim. my Channel swim. Even though I had come from overseas, Julie made it easy to organise everything and the swim went off very well. I would love to go back and do a double in the future with Julie again." (Eric Block)

Adrian Boehler Windermere Solo 29th July, 2016 (7hrs 30 mins) & Eric Block Windermere 31st July, 2016 (5hrs 29 mins)

Having heard of Julie’s phenomenal career in Open Water Swimming we were delighted when she agreed to come over to Fritton Lake Outdoor Centre for a weekend of coaching. On Saturday she ran an open session for swimmers of all abilities starting with a talk about her career and finishing with a coached session in Fritton Lake. Despite far from seasonal weather everyone enjoyed themselves especially when Julie joined them in the lake and demonstrated her butterfly! Conditions were tough again on Sunday, this time for the Sunday Morning Open Water Junior ASA squad. The young swimmers and parents listened to Julie’s stories and then tested their butterfly skills in the lake under the watchful eye of Julie, swimming butterfly over distances they would never dream of in the pool. All in all a very enjoyable morning for everyone!

Julie aims to motivate and inspire people to believe in their goals. For one young swimmer the session certainly resulted in inspiration as just 2 weeks later the 14 year old completed the 1500m at the Fritton Lake Big Swim all butterfly! Spectators delighted in watching her swim, especially as she finished strong at 6th position taking home the prize for female junior swimmer having thoroughly enjoyed her challenge.

Many thanks go to Julie for inspiring our swimmers. We hope to welcome her to Norfolk again.

Simon Edwards, Manager Fritton Lakes, Norfolk Aug 20th and 21st, 2016 Butterfly Open Water Swim Camp

The format is good. The long swim is the highlight. Yes, would recommend to others with the same goal. Julie's experience is a valuable reference point." (Leon Box) 10/10

"Great location...worth the time and money...full of insight and information. I feel much better equipped for my Channel swim." (Austin Bainger) 8/10

"Meeting people with the same has drawn a line in the sand. I know what I can do now and what I need to do to achieve my goal. Thank you for your inspiration to carry on." (Jeff Borradaile) 10/10

"...favourite...the big swim on the saturday and all the tips and advice from Julie and the support being part of a group was really useful. Pool swimming - found the videos really helpful as it was good for stroke analysis. I found the camp extremeley useful and great fun. It has been great to get to know everyone, get advice and great tips. Thank you!" (Rose Hawkins) 10+/10.

"I found the stroke analysis really useful and meeting people who are all better swimmers than me and able to get tips, advice and support. julie is great and has obviously achieved some incredible swimming feats. It was inspirational to be in such a great group. Make sure you train beforehand to get the most out of it! Nice one Julie." (Joe Reid) 8/10

Thanks to Leon Box for putting this together.

Windermere Channel Swim Training and Qualifying Camp, Sept 2016

Your session with us really inspired me, and I'm so glad I did that 1500. I haven't felt that proud of myself in a long time! I loved the race itself, too.

Next year, I was thinking of either trying the 3K, or finding a charity to raise money for (or maybe both). It would be nice for other people to get something good out of things I enjoy.

I love the feeling of knowing that I've done something that I didn't know if I could manage - especially when some people told me I wouldn't succeed - and I owe that to you, so thank you."

Visit the Butterfly Open Water Swim Camp page to see Jenny in action

CLICK HERE to see Active Outdoors video of the event. Thanks to Rhiannon Hatton for providing this

Jenny Read (Fritton Lakes, Butterfly Open Water Swim Camp August 2016)

I can strongly recommend booking with Get Set For Success Ltd and Julie. Unlike some other companies you ned a medical and a three hour qualifier for Windermere. This isn't a negative - it's about ensuring the swimmer is ready for the challenge ahead. The saying goes that the proof is in the pudding and that's why there was a 100% success rate this year. May book for my next challenge!

Paul Hodgkinson Windermere Solo Sept 2016 5hrs 29 minutes 2nd Oct 2016

A lifetime of endurance swimming experience and an enthusiasm and commitment to your goals - Julie took a so-so swimmer and helped develop my open-water and pool-based technique that enabled me to dramatically improve, to the point I was placing in the top of my age-group in sprint-triathlons and swimming the full length of Lake Windermere. Under and over water video playback, group swims and individual coaching sessions identify flaws and potentials in your stroke and help overcome the the time-consuming frustration of "doing it yourself". I can't recommend her highly enough". (Bespoke Silver Leisure Swim Coaching Package)

Glenn Tinsley 2016 (UK) Windermere Solo Sept 2016

The video analysis of my swimming stroke in Julie’s Endless Pool together with telephone conversations and emails that formed part of my coaching with Julie were extremely useful for my English Channel Relay. The training in the pool, the gym work and other swims at Lake Windermere and yoga sessions were all brilliant. The swim camp (I also attended) was extremely useful preparation for my Channel relay that I took part in two months after. I am very pleased to say that the relay team that I was in successfully swam the Channel.

The swim camp is situated in Windermere which is probably one of the most beautiful parts of Britain and the wonderful hotel used sits right on the edge of the lake. Thank you Julie." (Bespoke Leisure Swim Coaching Package)

Sam Rinsler English Channel Relay (CSPF) 2016 successful

The advice Julie gave was delivered in such an friendly, down to earth way manner that I have found myself completely taking it on board and thinking of the words each time I swim! As a relatively novice swimmer, I was concerned that I was 'too much a beginner' to attend such a session but Julie quickly and completely erased those thoughts with her open friendly and non-judgemental approach. I found the session so incredibly beneficial that I really feel that I shall become a confident and competent swimmer! I shall definitely return for another session in the future!

Dawn Watkins, Special Swim Clinic, Loughborough January 2017

Just some of the many great comments received:

"Julie's Windermere swim camp was an enjoyable couple of days in a fantastic location. The accommodation was great and most importantly I felt safe while swimming in open water with a good sized group of swimmers.” (Simon Bevz)

“Thanks Julie, had a great weekend…” (Tom Doyle)

"I had a great time again after attending the Windermere Camp for the second year running! It was a lovely group of people and really enjoyed the addition of gym and yoga as well as the swimming. A wonderful setting, with great people and lots of swimming! Thank you again Julie! " (Rose Hawkins)

"Favourite part was the Island swim and yoga class...nice to have such a scenic swim and learned a lot from Julie and the Team…would definitely come again next year”. (Alex Lock)

Windermere Open Water Swim Training Camp, June 2017

"Favourite part was practicing useful discussion..." 9/10 (Andy Chapman Gibbs)

"The clinic was a fun and relaxed way to put theory into practice and feel ahead of the game by working out in reality what works and what doesn't kit-wise as well as familiarising oneself with the 'feel' of repeated transitions etc. As such it was enormously valuable in increasing confidence and enjoyment of my swimrun event on the day...the safety eg kayak and lifeguard on shore (Julie) was so reassuring...I would certainly recommend this swimrun clinic." 9/10 (Sarah Kerner)

"Good teachers...Favourite part was swimming and running...very, very good." 9/10 (James Gilder)

"Going through kit ideas, modifications...the whole thing was very useful, friendly and supportive" 10/10 Sarah (Dyason)

"Good practical tips from both Julie and Mike. The advice from Mike about his experiences was extremely helpful. Being able to practice with different equipment was brilliant. Practicing run/swim/run transitions was excellent." 9/10 (Petra Chapman Gibbs)

"Favourite part was practicing with different kit and doing the mini swimrun...great preparation for a swimrun. Thank you." 9/10 (Nicola Gilder)

Swimrun Training Workshop/Clinic, Bosworth Water Park, May 2017

I just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I competed in a biathle today. It's not my big one but I entered to practise. I won my race, but not only that, I overtook two men in the swim! I just stopped putting my head up to sight and looked where I was going on the breathing as you'd showed me. So I was really pleased, thank you. Simple tips but I put them into practise and it made a difference. Many thanks.

Catherine Tinker (Biathle Sept 2017) Open Water Swim Coaching

I just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I competed in a biathle today. It's not my big one but I entered to practise. I won my race, but not only that, I overtook two men in the swim! I just stopped putting my head up to sight and looked where I was going on the breathing as you'd showed me. So I was really pleased, thank you. Simple tips but I put them into practise and it made a difference. Many thanks.

Catherine Tinker (Open Water Swim Coaching for Biathle) Sept 2017

Just wanted to say thank you to Julie for all her support and advice given in preparation and towards my dream of swimming the English Channel which I am now very proud to have achieved with her help! I was so pleased to meet Julie at one of her open water Windermere swim camps last year which was brilliant and she was a huge inspiration towards me pursuing the Channel. It has been amazing knowing I could speak to Julie at anytime and have all her coaching as well as draw off her experience. Thank you for everything Julie! Rose." (Coaching Package and Windermere Swim Camps)

Rose Hawkins (UK), English Channel Sept 2017 14 hours 30 minutes

Having attended a two day training camp at Market Bosworth with Julie at her open water course, I would like to thank Julie for a good two days, as we had many exciting activities such as yoga, swim techniques lessons, nutrition talks, race practice and meeting new people.

I would highly recommend this Open Water Swim Course, as I have gained experience and knowledge throughout my racing career - I have now qualified for the Oceanman World Championship in Dubai.

Thank you again, Chloe.

Chloe Blaydon (UK)