Therapy and Life Coaching Results

Therapy and Life Coaching Results

I was feeling rather nervous about learning to drive, apprehensive with regard to traffic on the roads today and an odd fear of roundabouts. Since I have been working with Julie, she has helped me (using NLP techniques) to become more confident in all aspects of driving (overcome fears) and also I have more belief in myself to the extent that I can actually say driving is a pleasure. Thank you Julie.


Ok, you wonderful Master Practitioner...that worked with me...I am holding my first cheque from my first feels a lot different holding it than visualising it. I am ecstatic. I think I might frame it...thanks.


Since my Breakthrough Session with Julie I have felt totally invincible. I am totally confident, extremely happy, motivated and focused. I have applied to go part-time at work so that I can concentrate on setting up my own business. I used to carry a constant feeling of doubt around with me and did not really believe in myself; now I find myself in situations where previously I would have felt nervous that those feelings just don't appear. I would recommend a Breakthough session to anyone. It is totally life-changing.

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION, Client, Hertfordshire

I was diagnosed with a serious illness last year and, although now recovering, It left me suffering with severe anxiety. This included flash backs and trouble sleeping. I started seeing Julie once a week and she used a variety of techniques to help me move on with my life.

One of the techniques Julie used was Time Line Therapy™. I was amazed at how effective this was at helping me to get a good nights sleep. The first time I followed Julie's instructions I slept until the alarm went off - the first time in over a year!! I can't thank Julie enough, her knowledge and understanding of each of the techniques is amazing. I'd seen other counsellers before but I feel that, in Julie, I have found someone I can trust.

ANXIETY/SLEEPING, Client, Leicestershire

I contacted Julie after seeing her name on the BACP website. I have been the victim of rape and was diagnosed with depression 12 months ago after having problems at work. By the time I contacted Julie, I'd been through counselling with several people and found it hadn't been successful. What I wanted was something which I could work at and a process I could be involved in beacuse I was ready to change. Julie and I did some NLP and CBT work culminating in a Time Line Therapy™ session. It made me understand alot about myself but also it's made a huge change inside me. Since the session I've been able to do so many things I thought I couldn't because I realise now that it was only me that was holding myself back.

You know all of those confident people that seem to get things done and never seem to worry? You really can be one of those people; it's only you stopping yourself.


Julie demonstrated a very short exercise (NLP intervention) with me which targeted my difficulty with public speaking. This enabled me to highlight the negative emotions and enforce the positive feelings gaining me confidence. I was amazed how Julie helped me in such a short space of time!

FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, Teacher, Leicestershire

I lost my Mother 11 months ago after 3½ years of illness and the last few months became really difficult so her passing was in some ways a relief, then 5 weeks after her funeral her Sister passed away unexpectedly, and to top things off 2 other members of the family passed away all within the first 3 months of the year. At first I felt I was coping reasonably well, but gradually through the year I started feeling unwell and began waking up in a morning feeling very depressed, which often went on all day with a feeling as though there was a heavy weight on me. Eventually I consulted my Doctor who suggested I had some counselling to try and help me work through it all.

I know Julie through swimming at Loughborough and I mentioned to her how I was feeling and asked her if she could help. Of course she said yes and quickly arranged an appointment for me. I didn’t have any idea what to expect and she suggested Time Line Therapy™ and to look on her website for more information before going to see her. I didn’t expect any miracles, but after just 2 visits I am feeling much more positive and feel able to move on and look forward instead of backwards. Thank you Julie for all your help.

DEPRESSION, Client, Leicestershire

Although I am not yet in a relationship. I definitely feel more confident (since doing Time line Therapy™. I have found myself becoming more flirtatious with strangers, when I would have usually shied away. I have been playing around with a woman's gaze. This is something I would never have done before, but I am being relaxed in these situations..I am happy with how things are moving along at the moment..thank you.


I came across Julie quite by chance. Her name caught my eyes when I was browsing the web to find someone who could help me resolve my problems. Well, I am glad I contacted her. In our first meeting, after I explained my 'issues' to her, Julie suggested Time Line Therapy™ would be the best approach to deal with the underlying causes. I must admit, even though I tried to have an open mind about this therapy method, I was very sceptical about the whole affair. Boy was I wrong. We got to the bottom of 'things', literally! After a total of 4 hours of therapy, I was rejuvenated and felt my 'good' self again. It worked for me!


Julie has at her disposal a comprehensive arsenal of therapy techniques that are adapative to deal effectively with a great many psychological issues. Coupled with her inspirational outlook, Julie's skills and experience undoubtedly have led to rapid and comprehensive recovery for every one of her clients.

TRAUMA/ROAD ACCIDENTS/PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES, Rehabilitation Coordinator, Argent Rehabilitation

...thank you..dealing with things a lot better; my heart arrhythmia has more or less gone which is good. I feel confident in myself which feels good, too. Not much has changed but I feel much more at peace...thank you...because I know you helped. I feel like one person! As soon as I left that last session (Time Line Therapy™ a huge weight felt gone and it hasn't returned...


Before meeting Julie I had a huge fear of blushing. Julie has taught me ways to eliminate all my negative thoughts and I now have a new strategy for dealing with intimidating social situations. Thanks to Julie's Time Line Therapy™ I learnt so many lessons from my childhood that had been locked away in my unconscious mind, all learnings that I have taken away with me and I am currently applying to make me a much happier person. On a side note, I also have dyslexia and out of her own time Julie was happy to help by showing me spelling techniques.

All in all I have a new perspective on life as I have learnt that your thoughts are who you are, and to achieve your goals you have to really believe what you are thinking. Although there is no quick fix solution to solving blushing Julie has put me in the right frame of mind to start controlling it. For anyone reading this with a similar problem, I would highly recommend Julie, as all the fear, anxiety and pain of blushing will disappear when you see her now. Thanks Julie and I will repeat... the best money I have ever spent!


Hi there Julie

Well things are going absolutely great thanks, that light most definitely is permenantly on :o) The few days after, I was trying to describe it to people, it's like everything is fine tuned, everything is just as it should be, I haven't had any sadness, no doubting myself, no anxiety, I'm confident at work, I talk with a normal volume voice at work instead of a lowered one, I've had a few meetings with Directors at work and am on a complete one to one level, I don't feel like they're any better than me. I'm actually enjoying coming into work now and feel like I can achieve things and progress with my life now. I've even started to do some voluntary work now to :o)

Thank you so much for your help, it really was money well spent, and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone I think could benefit.


I tended to be sceptical about counselling sessions because it is my experience that people tend to want a quick fix. Real benefit comes when the process is a two-way dialogue, with the patient doing most of the work by unravelling their own thought processes and aspirations and asking questions of themselves.

To this end I found the NLP approach to be empowering, it allows traumatic events to be contained and compartmentalised, giving them an appropriate allocation of importance, but not allowing them to overwhelm all the other aspects of one's life. It has helped me on the road to regaining control of my life, whilst accepting I don't have to be fully recovered instantly. The mind needs assistance when it has experienced trauma and NLP is an amazing tool in assisting recovery and I am grateful you have introduced me to it.

TRAUMA/ANXIETY, Client Scotland


Just wanted to say thanks for the last few months. I seem to be a lot calmer within my self. I have definitely re-evaluated things and am able to see my goals clearly again which I have not been able to do for years.

I am very positive about the future and know that I will be able to do what I set my mind to.

Thanks again


Things are going really well, I feel a lot calmer since our sessions. I still have my irrational moments but feel much more in control now! Thank you.

ANGER/NEGATIVE EMOTIONS (Time Line Therapy), Client, Leicestershire

Hi Julie thankyou for your text. It was nice and very warming.The last 3 days have been fabulous each one being a little better than the previous and climbing.I have realised that you were never there to help but just to guide me and please let me add an extremely good guide. I remember our first conversation on the phone where you told me it does not work for everyone and generally only works for people who really want to help themselves.I understand that now as all the money in the world wont help me or anyone or anything in the world won't help me except one thing, ME !!.

If Ihad come away from our 2 sessions doing nothing except waiting 4 some magical bizzare things to start happening, absolutely nothing is what would have happend.The truth is I have had my head right into this doin little things through out each day and I have had some amazing results and to be perfectly honest it's been a very long time since I felt this way and the feeling just grows stronger.This just makes me want to do more and I know I wil get stronger and happier more confident more fearless and I wil do more. It's like a good viscious circle which I'm very happy t be trapped in.

I have never really been very academic and always shyed away from reading writing but all of a sudden I'm the complete opposite. I'd rather put some music on and read; I am writing things down making notes, reminders, things to do and today I'm starting a diary jotting down good things that have happend in the day and how it made me feel,and then a the start of each day I wil read the previous days chapter just 2 to keep reminding myself of the sort of things I will have to look forward to for that day. Ive also done a daily rota for things I need to but always do all of them so I have done a weekly one to which I am daily thinking of little things to add to it so eventually I can see a monthly one on the horizon too.

I really wonder Julie if all that negativity I used to have lying around was blocking my ability to want to learn and go forward and upward because all of a sudden I yearn intake and that's the best way I can describe it.

I've actually started talking to my subconcious mind too. Out aloud as if I'm talking to myself and I always address it as "subconcious mind" and at the end of me command I finish with "yes that's right" (I wonder where iIgot that from) But you know what it really works I always get this fuzzy goose pimply feeling at the top of me head like my sub is acknowledging me.

I know I have always had these thoughts and feeligs in me but for them to emerge all at once with such enthusiasm and evergrowing strength is just amazing.I know I paidy you what I thought to be quite a sum of money but still feel a great need to THANKYOU as the way you put together and conducted your sessions totally worked for me as my life has just changed overnight. i feel like a born again spiritualist. Lots of things you said you said to me did not sink in at the time but days after they are making sense bit by bit, just keep dropping in and I think 'oh yes that;s what Julie was sayin thats what that meant'

Do you know what's going to be the biggest thing for me?When I eventually meet someone and then I fall in love with them, because in the past i have never fully allowed myself to be in love and stay in love. I've always chopped the head off the bud before its had chance to blossom into its beautiful self if you know what I mean. Its going to be so truly amazing as I have got so much love to give and I have never given anyone the full 100% of my love; I don;t know who is going to be more astounded, them or me. It's going to be unbelieveable!!

I have put a lot of good energy out there and I have had a few good results already, not big things just little, but things I know don't normally happen and this is how I know it;s working.Thus this is going to turn into a way of life for me from now on. I keep you informed as I recieve each smart goal as I have a handful and when they are done I wil achieve more if I wish to.

In my past I have not entertained writing this much before at all but I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this to you Julie.You should put this letter in your book when you write one or maybe I could write my own book, I would call it '39 YEARS-Then I woke up and smelt the coffee' by Sir LH


(Since completing work with Julie) "It's been a very sunny day here today - I took my team out for an ice cream at lunch and a walk on the beach - they were all very excited as it was something so different. It made a huge impact for something so simple :)

(Although) not a noticably more positive person - I have a direction that I am following and find that I enjoy life more. All aspects of my life are moving forward. Whilst I, like everybody else, have hiccups in life I now find I am able to simply shrug and move forward. Good things are happening for me.

Time Line Therapy/Coaching (Moving forward; eradication of negativity/momentum in life) Client, Blackpool

Thank you for helping me with my was so amazing how one of the techniques you used (the NLP one and Time Line, of course,) enabled me to change my drinking habits and move forward with my life in a confident way..get rid of my past baggage..thank you

Self-Esteem/Relationships, Client, Blackpool

Hi Julie

Thank you so much for the sessions. They have really transformed things for me...what more can I say, a wonderful thing is NLP and Time Line Therapy.

Relationships/Past Negative Emotions/ Confidence

Hi Julie,

It was great to speak to you after our sessions and I owe you a big thank you.

Getting involved with Time Line has been an extremely positive experience for me. After years of anxiety and bad coping strategies I knew it was time to make a change. After reading about different types of therapy it wasn't until I saw your website that I knew how I wanted to proceed. After my email contact it was great how quickly you contacted me for a chat; your positive open attitude put me at ease immediately and I felt I could ask any questions. After our discussion I knew that Time Line was for me; again I was happy with the speed that an appointment could be made.

After our first meeting I felt fully briefed on how the sessions were going to progress and I was excited about starting. I found the whole process extremely positive and I learnt a lot about myself. Time Line gave me to opportunity to visualise my thoughts and feelings and to see the bigger picture. It helped me to put my life into perspective and to believe in myself. I felt great myself but those around me have noticed too. I am no longer anxious about things and I can enjoy the time I have with my family and relax for once. I no longer need to reach for a glass of wine to settle myself (In fact since your hypnosis exercise I have'nt actually fancied any wine.... so well done you have saved me a fortune).

Thanks again Julie. (29/06/10)


My time with Julie was incredibly well spent. By working through certain key areas that had caused me painful emotional blockage, I have come out of it a much happier and confident person. I would highly recommend her approach, both professional and personal, to anyone who is looking for genuine personal development. On the side, as an unexpected windfall, I’ve started winning on the national lottery every week! Only yesterday I won again, my 6thtime, and a few weeks ago, I won scratch cards (which I never really play – but I had a good feeling about them) three times in a row. This alone came to about £50. It’s not quite enough to buy a villa in Spainyet but it’s getting there…!

Client, Blackpool, June 2010, TIME LINE THERAPY (Self Worth, Confidence, Anxiety)

I am feeling much better. I have driven to university everyday this week and there is a definite noticeable drop in the level of anxiety I experience whilst driving, if any anxiety at all :) I no longer have flashbacks or nightmares which has improved my sleeping patterns as well. I am generally much more confident and am back to my usual self. The tools you gave me have been really useful and have helped towards recovering from the trauma of the accident.

NLP TRAUMA FROM ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares)

Hi this is "Robert" from Blackpool ,

Last year in August I had a terrible traffic accident while I was working. It was one of the unfortunate things that the guy lost his life. I was hurt quite badly physically and psychologically . The first six months even I could not talk about the accident to anybody. Near enough every day I was having a nightmares and never had a full night sleeping.

Basically as well as physically I was hurt badly emotionally. I was in a very bad state. However, I met Julie. earlier this year. Now thanks to Julie, if I did not get her help I could not be where I am.

Now I have started doing things; I started to work and I can remember and talk about accident.Many thanks to Julie. That was great success

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (nightmares, emotional and psychological issues, motivation, anxiety, inabilty to work) NLP & TRAUMA MODEL & PERSON-CENTRED

I found the sessions with Julie very helpful. Julie is a very professional and caring person who understands my feelings and helped me to fully recover from my travel anxiety and build my confidence. I found the techniques that Julie used, very useful and easy to achieve.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (Trauma, confidence, travel anxiety, negative emotions associated from the event) NLP TRAUMA MODEL AND VARIOUS NLP TECHNIQUES

Hi Julie

How are you? I hope you are well.
I am great and pleased to tell you that I stopped taking codeine in February this year and recently stopped taking the anti depressants too. The stuff we did together about the law attraction is really working for 'X' and I and we are spreading the word.

Thank you so much for your great work


Dear Julie

I am writing to you today to say a big thank you. I came to see you in November last year a complete mess and as the year mark is approaching, I just wanted to let you know how well I am getting on. I had an amazing year with my kids and have married my partner. Although I know thats down to how I deal with things I would have never of done the things I have without the help,advice and the tools you gave to me. You have made a big difference to my life and for this I am truly grateful. I feel calm under control and have left my baggage where it belongs in the past and face each day with a positive view. Although I have had some down moments I am able to pull myself from the negative to the positive quickly and then keep moving on. I can not thank you enough for helping release me from myself, and for helping me find inner peace.I feel all the things things I asked to feel when we first met, so thank you again. I do hope you are well and enjoying life.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES/NEGATIVE EMOTIONS/VARIOUS OTHER - (NLP & Time Line Coaching/Therapy) Client, Leicestershire

Just a quick email to say thanks for the sessions, things are going well and I am working towards my goal, I am still keeping a diary of my daily tasks and achievements, it is surprising how the time has flown and I am really starting to settle into my new life and hopeful get the most out of it - I found the sessions, the exercises, book and DVD very useful in getting back on track.

LIFE COACHING and BREAKTHROUGH - Feeling stuck, needed direction, eradicate limiting beliefs and negative emotions Client Derbyshire

I went to see Julie after several years of suffering from depression. I went through a bad breakup three and a bit years ago, and instead of recovering after a suitable amount of grieving time, I remained stuck in the initial emotions of that breakup. Sadness and anger mainly. Over the past few years these emotions have had a few consequences which also led to guilt, shame, and self hatred.

Previously I had been to see counsellors, but simply spending hours and hours talking about my problems did not work, and left me feeling rather disgusted with myself, feeling that I was just focusing on the problem more and more instead of working to find solutions.

My first appointment with Julie was an eye opener, in that she asked me some specific questions about my problem, in such a way that made me realise I did not really have that problem any longer..!

The questions were very simple, but designed to challenge my previous way of thinking, which kept me stuck in my depressed state. The questions made me think that I could finally "give myself permission" to shake off my old beliefs, and break out of my unhelpful thinking pattern...

We also did some Time Line Therapy, which allowed me to release the unhelpful emotions, and gave me some new insights and resources to put in place instead; one very clear new insight which keeps popping back in my head all the time is "I am enough". Meaning good enough. And the good thing about that Time Line Therapy is that I came to the new learnings by myself. Julie facilitated the process, but did not suggest or lead at any point, so I know that I made this happen for myself. Great confidence boost.

When I went to see Julie I was in a situation where my old job was being made redundant. I was convinced that I was about to become unemployed, and had started to see myself losing my home as a result and ending up on the street.

Pretty much as soon as I started to actively focus on thinking differently, I became aware of the huge amount of possibilities and opportunities embedded in the restructuring of my company. I applied for a new position, went through psychometric testing, and a 2-hour long interview. And I got the job, doing something more interesting for me, on more money. Throughout the application process I used some of the visualisation techniques I learnt by watching the DVD Julie lent me which was part of the Time Line Therapy and Breaktrhough process. I have been mainly using this "I am enough" statement which I learnt whilst going through the process, visualising, and believing that I can achieve absolutely everything I want. Having done Time Line Coaching with Julie has led me through to this image of me:

Before it was like I was wearing a heavy gray jacket made of lead, on which every single bad emotion, loss and disappointment I had ever experienced were stuck. Now I have this image of me shrugging off the jacket; smiling, head high, walking off towards the awesome future I have started to create for myself every day.

TIME LINE LIFE COACHING and NLP (Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Limiting Beliefs, Career Issues) Client Leicestershire

Julie - this is to tell you how in the last session we had, how much the Timeline Therapy helped me with the problem I originally came for. After our session I actually didn't feel any different and did expect to and I thought that it must not have worked for me - however, the problem was not there in my head the whole time! It only came intermittently. Then it was only several weeks and months down the line that I realised I had never been haunted by my fear and sadness since that session. Quite remarkable, thank you

TIME LINE THERAPY/COACHING - Sadness, Fear and Childhood upset, Client Blackpool

The work I did with you on the timeline seemed, at first, not to be terribly helpful. I worked through the DVD and the suggestions in the book for writing down the things that I really want in life. I kept the list I'd made in a place where I would read it regularly.

Life entered a tricky phase of having to deal with family issues and academic matters, and it felt as if I was undergoing an uphill struggle and had no facility for dealing with this struggle. Still, I was determined to get through, and made a point of keeping my focus on the things I want in life.

After a while I began to realise that I hadn't fully understood what I want - the list I had drawn up needed to be changed in some details. And as I started to change that, life seemed to pick up all of a sudden. In fact, life hadn't picked up all of a sudden - with the benefit of hindsight, I see that little changes had been happening which I hadn't noticed which were leading up to a sudden realisation that I am living the life I want to be living.

In terms of my home, I'm in the place I want to be, both geographically and emotionally. In terms of my interests, I've suddenly found a way to indulge my love of gardening and sharing with others, and I've established great friendships with people who are interested in films, theatre and historical things; my friends are of diverse backgrounds and ages, which is something I didn't realise I wanted, but now that I have it, I realise how important it is to me.

In terms of pushing myself to achieve personal satisfaction, I have started to study a PhD, which is giving me challenges in terms of seeking knowledge, and the pleasure of interacting with all manner of people who also want to explore knowledge and its applications. In terms of personal relationships, I am seeking a partner, and have learned that I need to be patient with this, and always to bear in mind: who do I want to be with?

Everything you have helped me with I knew already in truth, the knowledge had just gone into the shadows, and I needed a reminder of how to kindle the light of joy at being myself and a vital part of the world. Thank you so much for this precious gift!

TIME LINE COACHING (Negative emotions/Relationships/Career and Goals) Client, Leicestershire

I decided to see Julie as I felt that I was becoming overwhelmed by feelings of anger, bitterness and a lack of identity. By working through three sessions I have freed myself from these and now feel I have the courage to live my life as I want. For years I have hidden from my parents that I was gay but have now told them giving me a new sense of ‘wholeness’. Also as a by product of the process I have stopped smoking (4 weeks and counting!) so would whole heartedly endorse Julie’s techniques.

BREAKTHROUGH LIFE COACHING (Identity/Negative Emotions/Smoking ) Client, Lancashire

Hi Julie

I just want to say a big thank you for all your help, as I feel less anxious, stressed, guilty, angry and less bothered about general day to day things. I used to get a lot of chest pain with these emotions and that has eased up a lot. I do sometimes feel the above emotions from time to time, but very little and I find I control these a lot better so they do not take over. I am also a lot calmer when driving etc which is great.

I have also broken my big goal down into lots of smaller ones and trying to make sure that I am doing something each month towards reaching the bigger picture. I feel that I am more confident and I am actually looking forward to meetings and presentations which I will have a big part to play in, to almost prove to myself that I am more confident, which will help this improve even more. One of the biggest things is I feel less negative emotion about being confident, for example before my Timeline Therapy I would get quite upset if I was talking about not being confident. Whereas if someone were to say to me now, you’re not very confident, I wouldn't get upset at all, as I know different.


Moving's a silly thing but I haven't felt guilty for not being out in the sun today. That's a first. Thank you.


So far things have been good. Had one day when I thought I might be going backwards, but that day ended well. I actually look forward to each day now and only try to focus on positive and good things. Every time I feel a negative thought or emotion I stop and think about why I’m feeling that way.

Going to the pub still plays a part in things. I’ve been four times since I last saw you, and my drinking so far has been reduced. I’m actually enjoying life and work more and it must be showing.

TIME LINE THERAPY/NLP (Negative Emotions/Bereavement/Behaviour Change/Stress/Depression), Client Leicestershire

X has made huge progress and we have seen a really positive outcome in the school setting.We attribute this to...being able to talk through some of the incidences and using the technique of imagining he is the teacher or the counsellor have been really powerful.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

Behaviour/Anger/Confidence, Client (Primary School Age), Leicestershire

Previous to the therapy I had been feeling extremely agitated, stressed, emotionallly drained, anxious, overwhelmed and roblems coping in general. In a week I had five bad days, two not so bad days. I have moved along from some of these feelings...many of them are reducing slowly and I now have good days...not just so bad days. My stress levels are lowered...and I feel I am making headway in my life. Thanks.

STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION Client, Leicestershire (EAP)

I'm doing well...thank you for evrything as I feel it has really started to change some deep trenched beliefs. Takecare...

CBT and Time Line Therapy (Deep negative belief and inappropriate emotions, relationships) Client Loughborough, Leicestershire

During our last session something seemed to click and I now look at life in a completely different way. I am so much more positive, not dwelling on the past and worrying about things that I cannot chnage. I still have my 'bad days' as everyone will but moving forward the future seems a lot brighter for me than it ever did before we met...thank you.

BREAKTHROUGH (Life Coaching) Client Northampton

Thank you again for everything you have done. I have come far already and I wouldn't have taken that step without your help. I really do appreciate it.

BREAKTHROUGH MINDSET LIFE COACHING - Limiting Beliefs, Goals, Motivation (Client Leicestershire)

I wanted to say thank you for the sessions around the Breakthrough and Timeline program.

I found them to be mind blowing.

It has helped me immensely.

I would definitely recommend it to any one who is struggling and tried lots of other methods.

This was by far the best one for me.

BREAKTHROUGH Limiting Beliefs, Confidence - Client Leicestershire

I reached out to Julie after extensive research into online counselling.

I had already completed an NHS six week guided therapy course due to a number of breakdowns that ultimately led to a formal medical diagnosis, as an adult, of ASD.

Julie was a great comfort to me prior to receiving the diagnosis. After getting to know how I think, Julie helped balance some issues I had experienced earlier in my life that I had struggled to comprehend and move on from, in part due to my fixation on past events that were likely compounded by being autistic.

I am extremely grateful for her attentiveness and good humour and recommend her services to anyone looking for help.

THERAPY/NLP for Trauma and ASD, Client Leicestershire