Fleetwood SwimRun

Fleetwood SwimRun

The Inaugural Fleetwood SwimRun will be the first of its kind in the UK and will take place (Date TBC) The event is aimed at attracting more into the sport and getting people active in a safe environment. The Fleetwood SwimRun will be utilising the YMCA swimming pool along the Sea Front, The Esplanade and the beautiful outdoor surrounds of Marine Gardens, Fleetwood.

The Fleetwood SwimRun is an ideal ‘starter’ event for those wishing to get into the sport of swimrun which has come from Scandanavia and is ever growing in the UK. Participants will run in pairs around the course which will have a few runs and swims. Unique to this event is that the YMCA swimming pool will be used making it a very safe environment if you are new to this type of sport and before transitioning to the usual open water type swimrun events.

The course starts at Marine Gardens taking participants up to Rossall Point and back and through the boating lakes, to the Lighthouse at the far end and various swims in the pool. This event is also aimed at those who wish to be involved in a fun, safe environment and to take part in physical activity for health and well-being.

So come along and be part of this inaugural Fleetwood SwimRun. Either enter with a partner or you can be matched with another individual who has entered the event. To sign up please visit the Entry Central link below:

To find out about parking and more at Marine Gardens click here


This exciting and fun, safe course comprises three runs, two pool runs (small pool) and two swims (large pool) in three stages:

Stage One: Start at Marine Gardens

RUN (4.5kms/2.8mls approx) – to Rossall Point along the outer promenade, return via Princes Way along Laidley’s Walk through the two boating lakes (Dolly’s Café) to swimming pool

POOL RUN – 40m through the smaller pool

SWIM – 125m in the main pool


Stage Two: From the pool

RUN (1.6 kms/1ml) – to the Lower Lighthouse around it and return to the pool via The Esplanade to the pool

POOL RUN – 40m through the smaller pool

SWIM – 125m in the main pool


Stage Three: From the pool

RUN (3.5 kms/2.2 mls) – to the Lower Lighthouse and around it along The Esplanade, Laidley’s Walk and at Dolly’s Kiosk through the boating lakes and return to Marine Gardens via the outer promenade to the FINISH at Marine Gardens


Total Distances:

9.6 kms/6 mls RUN, 250m SWIM and unique 80m POOL RUN


Listen to BBC Radio Leicester and Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE speaking about Swimrun, July 10th, 2017