Business Brain

‘Business Brain’ coaching enables you to understand how you think in your own business. It is also great for Team Building and knowing who is best in what role. Just imagine that, being able to see into your mind, like an X Ray machine.

With this training, you get access to the world’s only online tool that allows you to do this. I used this to improve my performance in business in many ways, and now you can, too…





  • Understand what drives you and motivates you in your business
  • Learn better ways of communicating your message
  • Learn how you and your team think
  • Know how to overcome barriers in your business
  • And much, much more
  • Access to the online MindSonar® profile tool to measure your thinking in the context of your business and your role within your team
  • Receive a comprehensive 32 page report
  • Understand the thinking patterns of highly successful entrepreneurs – from actual profiles international speakers, wealth and business coaches. If they can, so can you
  • Includes one small group coaching session with Julie (groups run twice monthly)
  • ‘Business Brain’ Facebook Private Membership Group

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