Safer Swim Tow Float™

Listen to what an experienced and well accomplished long distance and open water swimmer such as Dr. Julie ‘Madfish’ Bradshaw says about this amazing product:

“I recently used it on the swim camp I was running in Scotland. It was invaluable for myself when training early morning as I felt safe since I could be seen by any craft on the Loch. When coaching my swimmers they were able to use the Safer Swimmer Float™ which increased their safety and visibility of in the water. It was an added safety feature in addition to the boats that were being used to accompany all swimmers. Although I am a very competent swimmer, I would not swim without this SSD now when in training.”

Swim Tow Floats NOW AVAILABLE (in large, the most popular) and are on special offer. Our swim safety float is the original and genuine one as it carries the ISHOF patent unlike others on the market. Contact us now to get your Swim Safety Device. There is no online payment method so do leave a phone number to call you on.

Discount on bulk orders so please ask at time of enquiry

Be keen, be seen and be a Safer Swimmer with this visible float device.


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Get Set 4 Success is delighted to offer the Safer Swimmer™ Float which is an essential piece of kit for all open water swimmers. This Safer Swimmer float also called the Swim Safety Device (SSD) is a lightweight inflatable, dry bag device which ensures a swimmer is highly visible in the water. This brightly coloured device does not impede swimming and is easily pulled along by the swimmer and can hold your valuables and in the case of an emergency, can be used as a flotation device.

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