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Why the World Record Mindset Programme?


Lacking confidence, struggling to balance life and work, self-doubt, lack of business strategy…wanting financial freedom…I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL…I used to feel the same way, UNTIL…

As a female entrepreneur, I saw that many women business owners were just like me. They lacked confidence and struggled balancing their personal and work life. Their business systems and mindset were wrong. When starting out in the industry, I realised the missing factors were direction, strategy and processes to get my business to where I REALLY wanted it. However, once I got the right help and support it led to me having more time and that financial freedom.

I had spent over 40 years achieving multi world records in marathon and open water swimming. I had become an established name; I was number one in Great Britain and had a very, successful swimming career. This included a Solo Butterfly English Channel Swim, the hardest stroke to master. However, business was another story for me! My business journey began in 2008 and like you, self-doubt crept in. I felt I really did not know what to do to overcome the blockages and challenges to create a successful business.

Then I realised the answer to creating a successful business…

My swimming achievements had taught me that every element of success comes from having the right mindset. I found myself being approached by female entrepreneurs who wanted to know what a world record mindset really is about. Therefore, I broke down my own journey into a proven step by step process and created a winning programme to share with female business owners. This World Record Mindset Programme would enable women in business to expand their potential and get excellent results.


Learn THREE things that Julie did that can help you in your business immediately:


What this programme does for YOU:

  • Gives you complete confidence as a female business owner.
  • Enables you to develop your business.
  • Provides a proven formula for success.
  • Provides you as a female entrepreneur the skills to expand your potential and become a leader.
  • Gets rid of all your personal obstacles you back from starting out in business.
  • Shows you THE way to focus and set goals to get results.
  • Gives you incredible insight into the mind of a female winner.
  • You get the opportunity to Coached by a multi world record female achiever.
  • Provides you with motivation and inspiration.
  • Shows what the ‘extra mile’ literally means for you as a female entrepreneur.

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