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A wide range of live & online Business Coaching giving you practical, actionable skills to easily grow your business and show you the Mindset needed to succeed and become fulfilled in your Business.

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Get rid of those things that hold you back through Life Coaching, Counselling, CBT, Timeline Therapy/Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP. Make that personal growth: realise your goals & true worth.

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World-class teaching & coaching, expanding your swimming potential across the globe. Fun and safe swimming services designed for you.

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All kinds of exciting, fun and safe events, webinars and training courses for you to challenge yourself whether that be in Business, Sport or Education.

Meet Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE

“I am a World Record Swimmer, Business Winning Mindset Coach, Female Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Swim Coach and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

“Over the years of working with many businesses and clients my methods have enabled them to be the best they can be and to achieve success within their sphere.

“My belief is that You are in charge of Your Mind and therefore, your Results, and that We All have the resources to achieve our True Potential and Expand Upon It.

“I look forward to sharing my ‘ways of doing things’ with you and to you starting your journey today.”

Warm wishes,

“Thank you to Julie for all her support and advice given in preparation and towards my dream of swimming the English Channel – which I am now very proud to have achieved with her help.”

Rose Hawkins (UK), English Channel, Sept 2017, 14 hours 30 minutes

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