Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. We all enter into this state several times every single day: watching television, reading books and newspapers, driving a car (ever got from A to B concentrating yet not knowing how you got there?!, and even day dreaming. Hypnosis is a perfectly safe and natural state of mind.

The Unconscious Mind is where our beliefs, values, emotions and past events are stored. It is in Hypnosis that you unlock the power of the Unconscious Mind which helps to bring about change: when in a state of hypnosis you are guided to unlock the potential that is already within you. It is a case that you are in control all the time and it is up to you as to how deep you go in hypnosis.

Tap into your Unconscious Mind and make that change, NOW.

HYPNOTHERAPY Sept 2008 (Curing phobias/fear)

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