What is NLP you may ask?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is mainly how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes providing you with an ‘instruction manual’ and introduces you to your Unconscious Mind.

The creators of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid 1970’s, referred to NLP as

An attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

The essential attitude is one of curiosity; you may have been so impressed by someone doing something so expertly, that you want to be able to do the same thing well: “How do they do that?” AND to be willing to do anything, to find out what would happen if you did. Bandler and Grinder were curious about others in their own field and began modelling (studying) Milton Erikson (Hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (Family therapist) and Fritz Perls (Creator of Gestalt Therapy). Modelling is the foundation of NLP and therefore, by observing various aspects such as their physiology, language and thinking, they found that a person would get similar results if you adopt these in the same way. The three parts of NLP are:

Let’s consider the three component parts of NLP

Neuro – refers to the nervous system, your neurology, your brain and includes all your senses: see, hear, touch, smell and taste. As information comes in, you make sense of it inside your head. This Internal Representation in your neurology forms your ‘Model of The World’. In turn, this determines how you behave.

Linguistic – since the language (linguistics) you use affects other people’s behaviour, it is very important to structure your communication in the right way.

Programming – in NLP this refers to your habits, your repeating patterns of thinking and behaving. These programs are running unconsciously which is why you aren’t usually aware of them. Sometimes you achieve your own programming; sometimes you have your programming ‘installed’ by others, such as parents, teachers, coaches etc. In NLP what is important is discounting and utilizing programs that consistently work well and achieve excellence. Imagine buying a mobile phone with no instructions: how would you know how to fully use all the features? Since you were not born with an instruction manual for your mind, it is ‘messages’ installed from outside, such as parents etc that condition you. NLP WORKS.

Neuro + Linguistic + Programming = NLP

This explained, it is true to say that NLP is more than just learning some techniques that you add to what you already know; it is about changing how you think. The guiding principles, attitudes and techniques of NLP give YOU the CHOICE – to choose your behaviours, emotional states and physical states of well-being. In understanding how the mind works self-imposed limits are eradicated. NLP TRAINING WORKS.

In summary NLP the techniques provided, enable you and support change in your life. COME ON OUR NLP TRAINING COURSE NOW.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Let Get SET 4 Success empower you to make these changes and provide you with the manual to fully achieve and ‘Expand Your Potential’.

NLP Training with Dr Julie Bradshaw and Get Set 4 Success takes you closer to achieving your goals.

NLP training courses throughout the UK

What is in it for me?

NLP Training UK with Get Set 4 Success

“What’s in it for me when I learn NLP?” is the common question everyone asks when they come across NLP.

Let’s say that today you decided to do something to improve your financial and emotional well-being. It could be learning something different so you’re not stuck where you are, or maybe to enhance your already existing career, or maybe because your friend experienced an incredible change you want for yourself.

NLP and Timeline Coaching™ will assist you:

  • To set yourself apart from the group mentally so you become a winner
  • To grow your business or develop your managerial abilities
  • To create additional income
  • To know how to keep on going when change happens
  • To assist you in the healing process
  • To empower people with whom you live or work
  • To improve your sporting results
  • To empower your children and help them believe in themselves
  • To alleviate PTSD
  • To help you overcome anxiety, fears and phobias
  • To improve your game of golf, basketball, sailing, swimming etc

Whatever your reason for taking training with us, we’re here to help you get there

NLP Practitioner Certification UK Training

All certifications approved and endorsed by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Click here for standards

Call 07941 467291

NLP and Time Line Coaching™ provide practical personal development tools that are more effective than most other self improvement approaches.

  • Immediate and long lasting results
  • You are in charge of your success (rather than institutions, people, etc)
  • The latest and most up-to-date career development tools
  • Truly effective and influential communicating skills – yes, even you think you communicate well now – extremely important in relationships
  • Practical tools to figure out how people (and you) think and in how to present your thoughts to others so that they accept them easily (like your spouse, child and boss)



Discover what NLP WILL do for YOU now with this one day NLP workshop.

NLP Course Venue: Online and also in Loughborough

Would you be interested in :

  • Understanding how to really communicate with yourself and others?
  • Building deep rapport with anyone to enable you to communicate effectively?
  • Understanding how the mind works so you can influence others elegantly?
  • Being in control of your emotional state at all times thus allowing you to behave in a positive and effective way?
  • Understanding REALLY what people are saying when they speak?

If you are interested in learning any of the above read on.

In this one day workshop you will:

  • Learn the operating belief of the NLP model
  • Explore the links between words, thought and behaviour
  • Understand yours and others ‘Model of the World’ (Representational System)
  • How to interpret Eye Accessing Cues
  • How to build and maintain rapport
  • AND a real life application/demonstration of NLP

These are just some of the exciting things that happen when you decide now to begin your NLP journey!!

“The greatest potential of control tends to exist at the point where action takes place”

(Aldous Huxley)

Take action NOW to reserve your seat !


One or two day workshop (in person or online) for YOU in all applications: Business, Sport, Education.

It has become the ‘norm’ in our society for people to hang on to baggage from the past. Learn how to lift that weight and START TO BECOME YOU

Do the things you always wanted to do?

What would you like to accomplish in your life? If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do? Creating Your Channel of Success® Workshop allows you to choose and experience those things you once only dreamed of.

Create what you want now and in the future

What do you want to have? If you could have anything at all, what would you want? What do you want emotionally, financially, mentally and much much more? Creating Your Channel of Success® shows you specifically how to choose what is important to you and how to have the things you want

Personal Transformation

Nobody is perfect. We all have things we want to change. The question is what do you want to change? What would you like to improve? How would you like things to be different?

For some years now companies and groups have been able to listen to Julie’s inspiring ‘swim story’. This will motivate you to achieving even more in your life. From her story you will learn practically HOW Julie has been and continues to be so successful. In bringing her life experience into this workshop, Julie empowers you to change your life, create new choices and improve your individual and team results

“The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice”

(George Elliot)


In-house trainings available for Organisations and Businesses. Just call us for more details



Let Dr. Julie Bradshaw NLP Trainer show you the way!

All certifications are approved by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

We pride ourselves on small groups so YOU get the most attention possible!!

If you are interested in any of the following:

  • Understanding how to really communicate with yourself and others
  • Getting rid of unwanted baggage built over the years
  • Regaining total control of your life
  • Understanding how the mind works so that you can elegantly influence others
  • Being in control of your emotional state at all times and so allowing you to behave in a positive and effective way
  • Being able to change strategies in yourself and others that are not useful
  • Turing dreams into reality (goals that you can achieve)

Then this is the course for you!

People from all walks of life take this course: housewives, teachers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, managers, directors, coaches, consultants, students, unemployed – you name it, we can guarantee that if you have an open mind and really want to make changes then you are certainly ‘qualified’ to come on this course

So what is it involved?

The course was designed by Tad James, one of the most eminent people in the field of NLP. The way it is designed ensures that you enhance your understanding and learning of NLP in a structured and user-friendly format. There are two parts to the course:

  1. On booking you will receive a pre-course study comprising a multimedia pack, a course manual and book list.
  2. After listening to the CD’s and working through them in conjunction with a manual and test based on them, then you will attend the intensive NLP Practitioner Course. Here with your trainer you will enhance your learnings from the pre-course study and refine techniques through hands on and practical experience within the group training. neuro linguistic programming

In addition to being certified as an NLP Practitioner, you will also study Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis (a further two day training in each leads to certifications in both these disciplines).

You will discover how to use these NLP applications in Business, Personal Development, Therapy and Relationships, Counselling, Coaching, Education and Learning, and Your Everyday Life.

What you will learn (course content):

  • The foundations of NLP and the underlying models it is built upon
  • How to create change in yourself and others
  • How to create rapport
  • Representational Systems: discover how we use our five senses and how to read another’s eye movements to discover what they are thinking
  • Submodalities and taking charge of your brain
  • Understanding strategies, the unconscious processes that impact on our behaviour
  • Discover anchoring, the power of associative conditioning at your fingertips
  • How to resolve internal conflict – parts integration, the key to personal congruence and focus
  • Presentation skills and communicating effectively to your audience


Timeline Therapy(TLT) Practitioner Certification

  • Elicit the Timel ine
  • Discover the root cause of presenting problems
  • TLT allows you to take control of your life. It releases negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and any limiting decisions such as “I can’t make enough money.” “I can’t have the relationship I want” and any other ‘cant’s that hold you back
  • Learn the Secret to Creating your Future
  • Washes away internal blocks that prevent you from moving forward

Hypnotherapy Certification (Hypnosis)

  • Learn the prime directives of the Unconscious Mind
  • Use verbal and non-verbal suggestions, inducing trance using Erickson’s favourite inductions. With Ericksonian indirect permissive Hypnosis you can increase your results with the largest number of clients since it allows you to increase your results dramatically

So how can you learn all this in a short space of time?

Before attending the sessions, you study from a specially produced audio programme and carefully chosen books. All of this material is included in the price of the training!. The pre-course study takes about 70 hours which you can do at your own convenience. When you come to the training you will learn the latest developments and practice in the field, as well as receiving personal contact from the highly trained team at Get Set 4 success.

What if you come on this course?

There are no better set of techniques than these for freeing yourself from beliefs and decisions that limit and dis-empower you and replacing them with positive ones. Just have a look at the feedback testimonials from this site!! Many amazing changes happen with NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis…if you really want to make that change now.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

TAKE ACTION and contact me sooner rather than later to really transform your life! Reserve your seat NOW!

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Standards of the ABNLP for Practitioner Level



Get Set 4 The Best Ride of Your Life

Delivering ‘Simply The Best’ NLP Trainings: The only business run by women and designed with women in mind. However, male enquiries are welcome!!



Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE has developed a passion in the field of Neuro

Linguistic Programming over the years and has helped transform the lives of many people during her career. She has trained with the eminent Tad and Adriana James, the world’s best in the area of NLP. Julie began her career as a teacher and has worked worldwide both teaching and coaching, inspiring others and motivating them through her skills. Along with her fantastic proven background in long distance and marathon swimming and over 20 world records to her name, Julie is an excellent role model. Be totally enthused with Julie and Get Set 4 Success Ltd.

Why train with us?

Would it be useful to

  • Set yourself apart from the group mentality so you become a winner?
  • Grow your business or develop your managerial abilities?
  • Create an additional income?
  • To know how to keep going when change happens?
  • To empower people with whom you work or live?
  • To improve your sporting results?
  • To empower your children and help them believe in themselves?
  • To help overcome anxiety, fears and phobias?

Whatever your reason for taking trainings with us, we’re here to help you get there. If you take any of our courses, then you are promised a life changing weekend/week.

World Class Training and Bespoke Courses

IF you’re thinking about it, NOW is the time…to Get Set 4 Success with NLP



  • Would it be useful to study NLP in your home surroundings?
  • Would you have a group of people willing to study NLP?
  • Would it be of value to you to be able to study NLP without the hassle of travelling?

Imagine the advantage of this!


These are just some of the reasons why people choose the NLP Home Study approach taken with Get Set 4 Succes Ltd. Many people have such a busy schedule in this day and age. Moving with the times, Get Set 4 Success Ltd is the only business that we know of in the UK that has taken into consideration the requests of their customers.

Through Home Study NLP, Get Set 4 Ltd is able to come and teach an NLP Practitioner Course at your home.This means that if you have a group of people that you know, then you can phone the office and we will be very pleased to teach a fully certified NLP Practitioner Course either in your own home or a venue of your choice.


Just call the office and speak to us. We can then discuss arrangements: location, venue and dates to suit.


You have everything to gain. Just think of the convenience. Have the most life changing week you can imagine on your doorstep!


07941 467291 or email [email protected]





NLP Online Training & Distance Learning with

Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE

Why choose NLP online and distance learning in the UK?

  • Would it be useful to study NLP in the comfort of your home?
  • Would it be useful to learn amazing NLP techniques that change lives?
  • Would it be useful to study without even having to travel to a venue?

All this and more with support only fingertips away! AND gain a qualification as an NLP Associate Practitioner!

What do you study with the Online Training & Distance Learning NLP Course?

All the subjects studied on a certified NLP Course without in-person attendance.

Click here for ABNLP standards and what you will cover when studying NLP online with Get Set 4 Success


The NLP Online & Distance Learning Study comprises two stages:

1. Introduction to NLP (Audio and Online assessment, and DVD material plus continual support)

(See below what one of our students said recently about her Associate Practitioner Course)

2. Live NLP Training (to qualify from Associate Practitioner to Full Practitioner). Ask for further details on completion of the ‘Introduction’

How do you achieve this?

You are sent study materials which you complete and return to us for assessment. You can only proceed to the ‘Live Training’ when you have successfully completed the ‘Introduction’

If you wish to become a fully certified NLP Practitioner by the ABNLP you can then choose to attend a ‘Live’ training (see NLP Practitioner Course)


What if you do Online & Distance Learning NLP?

There are no better set of techniques than these for freeing yourself from beliefs and decisions that limit and dis-empower you and replacing them with positive ones. Just have a look at the feedback testimonials from this site!! Many amazing changes happen with NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis…if you really want to make that change now.

Contact me now to make it happen for YOU!

Many students from our Associate Practitioner Distance Learning Course are now fully fledged NLP Practitioners. The feedback we get is plentiful – do ask if you wish to see more

“I qualified as a practitioner and coach this week!! Very very very very happy! So I wanted to tell you how helpful it has been to qualify as an NLP Associate Practitioner with yourself earlier this year. The format (DVD and Self Study) allowed me to learn at my own pace and make sure I had solid foundations, building confidence and skill along the way. You were very quick to reply to questions on email, and I also really appreciate the extra little push you gave me when I was struggling to find someone to practice with. All in all, having just qualified, I can confirm that the NLP Associate Practitioner training I did with yourself is the absolute best way to prepare for the NLP Practitioner. course. Thank you again so very much for your help and advice along the way”

NLP Training Course Dates

Change Your Life for The Better Now


7 Day NLP Practitioner Certification


Enquire for further details and book now to avoid disappointment. Places go fast!

Creating your Channel of Success/NLP Introductory Workshop

Enquire for details. Creating Your Channel of Success for 2020 added content.


They fill fast, so book your place early to avoid disappointment!

Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Certification (2 days each)


Loughborough, Leics, LE11

Enquire for details (includes Time Line Certification)

NLP Practitioner Certification (7 days)


Blackpool, Lancashire

Lake District, Cumbria,

Please enquire as to exact dates as some are weekend courses

Also Distance Learning/ Home Study NLP Courses and Bespoke Courses

Transformational Workshops

Call now for further for details: see under NLP Training UK- NLP Practitioner – Home Study NLP Course Section


More NLP Courses to come including introductory workshops, coaching and more!! Please enquire

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